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EP-S2000 Intelligent UV Electronic Power Supply
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EP-S2000 Intelligent UV Electronic Power Supply

Product function introduction
1) Flexible control mode: external terminal control and RS485 communication control are optional.
2) Rich lighting characteristics: high pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp parameters are optional.
3) Automatically match the lamp: as long as the rated power of the lamp is set correctly, the power supply automatically compensates the rated voltage error of the lamp.
4) Automatic compensation of lamp ambient temperature: automatically compensate for the energy drop problem caused by exhaust air.
5) Status monitoring: The machine has its own LCD man-machine interface to display the working status of the machine and lamp in real time.
6) Abundant status signal output: fan control, fault alarm, start-up completion, etc.
7) The optional control box is easy to use: the company provides an optional control box, which can directly control the energy output and display the working voltage and current of the lamp.
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Product Description

The EP-S series is a mini model based on the EP series machine platform. The EP-S series machine has the same performance as the EP series machine, but the volume is much smaller than the EP series machine. EP-S series products are used in high current driving occasions with lamp voltage below 450V. The peak value of excitation voltage of 4T (three-phase 380V) model is above 5KV, and the peak value of excitation voltage of 2S (single-phase 220V) model is above 3KV. With strong capability, large output current, and rich external expansion functions, it has been widely used in more than 20 fields such as painting, printing, woodworking, PCB, military medical treatment, etc.

Product technical indicators and specifications

Rated voltage, frequency Three-phase (4T# series) 380V 50/60Hz
Voltage allowable range
Determined by model

Electricity   Press Depends on model
Frequency   Rate 0.3Khz-2Khz
Overload capability 110% 10min
Control System square style Vector Control

control Features
Power setting Resolution
Current Limit Power Enable Settings
Voltage Limits 110% of the rated tube pressure of the lamp
Power Limit Maximum output lamp rated power
undervoltage suppression during operation Especially for users with low grid voltage and frequent grid voltage fluctuations, even if the voltage is lower than the allowable voltage range, the system can maintain the longest possible running time according to a unique algorithm and residual energy distribution strategy< /td>

Code type Features
Standby function When the device is intermittent, set the standby power consumption for energy saving occasions
Working time records Able to read the working time of the lamp in operation
RS485 communication Standard configuration RS485 communication interface, run, stop commands and machine status reading
Run function External dry contact control machine start and stop
Failure Analysis With the function of fault record query and fault cause analysis

Panel display run Status
Optionally monitor output voltage, output current, set power, output power, etc.
parameter Settings
Relevant parameter values ​​can be set according to actual requirements
Protection/Alarm function Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, short circuit, internal memory failure, etc.

Ambient temperature -10ºC to +50ºC (no freezing)
Ambient humidity 90% or less (no frosting)
Ambient Indoor (no direct sunlight, no corrosion, no flammable gas, no oil mist, no dust, etc.)
Elevation below 1000m
Structure Protection level IP52
Cooling Independent air duct design forced air cooling.
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