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Company Profile

Shanghai Yipa Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. It is located in Jiading District, Shanghai. In the future, it will be the largest UV equipment manufacturing, spraying equipment manufacturing and peripheral equipment manufacturing in East China. A production base for various automation control systems and clean room workshop purification projects.

Adhering to the development tradition of market-oriented and technological innovation as the cornerstone, Yipa Electromechanical Learning has introduced a wealth of advanced technologies and processes at home and abroad, accumulated more than 20 years of rich manufacturing experience in the industry, and continued the deep level of China's spraying industry. Research and development have created a manufacturing base for UV curing equipment, spraying equipment, and printing peripheral equipment in China, and actively provide the market with segmented and convenient services and first-class sophisticated equipment.
The business scope of Yipa Electromechanical:
1. Electronics Division
1. UV energy-saving electronic power supply
The power supply is a high-tech product with switching power supply technology and nanomaterials as its main features. This product uses imported high-power modules as the main power devices, and uses ultra-microcrystalline (also known as nanocrystalline) soft magnetic alloy materials as the main transformer core. The main control system adopts a single-chip software drive system, multi-level feedback monitoring, and the output power can be Stepless adjustment from 5% to 100%, reasonable design of the whole machine, small size, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving (more than 30% power saving than traditional UV transformer). This UV lamp power supply is used for UV technology transformation of various equipment, and it is a high-performance UV digital power supply with advanced technology from Italy;
2. UV online energy intensity detection sensor
Online detection of UV intensity, feedback detection intensity is used to control the electronic power supply and chain speed, fully realize automatic UV energy control, real-time monitoring of UV intensity, upper and lower limit detection and alarm function;
2. Machinery Manufacturing Division
1. Spraying equipment
Spraying robot, car lamp UV spraying production line, cosmetic spraying production line, mobile phone case spraying production line, X-Y axis spraying machine, internal spraying machinery and equipment, dry recycling spray booth, water curtain spray booth, spray gun, paint pump and customized various spraying equipment and parts
2. Automatic control system
Undertake various automation projects, supporting the production and manufacture of automation control cabinets, undertake factory equipment maintenance and renovation projects, and distribute various automation electrical products PLC touch screen inverters and other low-voltage control products.
3. Printing and spraying peripheral equipment
Various printing machines, heat press machines, UV curing machines, drying production lines, ovens, conveying equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, UV lamps, transformers, capacitors and supporting parts.
4. Assembly line
Supporting the production of various types of car lamp assembly lines, press-in machines, air tightness testing machines, light distribution machines for car lights, manipulator dispensing machines and supporting parts.
5. Purification workshop project
Floor epoxy resin self-leveling floor, clean workshop engineering, decoration and decoration engineering, combined air-conditioning air supply system, air shower room and other purification equipment and purification accessories.
We always strictly control the quality of our products, and earnestly implement the standardized quality management policy: the quality must be high, and the quality must be better; the pursuit of zero customer investment and dismantling, to enhance the competitiveness of products.
With the development trend of China's trade globalization economy, we will continue to intensify our efforts, adhere to the enterprise spirit of customer first and strictly abide by credibility, and will provide more high-end, reliable and durable products for domestic and foreign customers.



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